Book Launch 031
SGI President Ikeda’s Book Dedicated to Singapore Launched

In this significant 50th year of Singapore’s independence, a new book by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda was launched in Singapore. Titled A Tribute to the Lion City: The Jewel of Southeast Asia, the book is a compilation of SGI President Ikeda’s writings, thoughts and interactions with Singapore, her leaders and her people over the course of his three visits […]more

Wisdom for
Daily Living

December 2, 2015

When we ask ourselves what are the most crucial issues facing humankind in the 21st century, it is clear that a central challenge will be to establish on a global scale a robust philosophy of reverence for life, a philosophy that is consistently and clearly focused on the human being. This is the only certain means of breaking free of the chained spirals of killing, slaughter, and hatred that bind us. Only in this way can we create a world lit by the inherent dignity of all people, a world in which all people may equally savour the fruits of happiness and peace.

- SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

rop 042
Reliving the Kampung Spirit at Roses of Peace 2015

“People found it hard to believe that we were out there in the sun, distributing roses with a message of peace and friendship, without selling them anything,” shared Alvin Lay (above, right), a SSA Student Division (SD) member who was a volunteer at the Roses of Peace 2015 event on October 4. Roses of Peace […]more

NDP 2015 Show 018
SSA Brings the Golden Jubilee Cheer to the Padang

Representing SSA at the National Day Parade 2015 were 850 performers from the Women Division, including for the first time, participants above the age of 60, giving Singapore’s pioneers an opportunity to be part of this significant SG50 NDP. SSA put up a mass display item in the Chapter 4 of the Integrated Show, titled “Unity […]more

NDP 30 Yrs with CDF 020
SSA Recognised for 30 Years of National Day Parade Contributions

In addition to celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with Singaporeans and friends from all around the world, this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) also marks SSA’s 30th NDP performance, a milestone made possible through the united and dedicated efforts of SSA members and friends over the years since 1981. In appreciation and recognition of SSA’s 30 years of contributions […]more

Who We Are

17 Jun

Singapore Soka Association is a Buddhist association registered in 1972 that promotes the understanding and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. more


The SGI is a global network of Soka-affliated organisations that span 192 countries and territories around the globe.


The Cityscape of Singapore (Singapore, November 2000)

The Cityscape of Singapore

In November 2000, SGI President Ikeda travelled to Singapore. During that visit, he met with then Singapore President S R Nathan, who commended the positive contributions being made to society by the members of the Singapore Soka Association (SSA). Taking to heart President Ikeda’s guideline to become exemplary citizens, the SSA members are showing admirable […]


A Winning Life

Teo Jui Chiang

Becoming an Indispensable Golden Pillar

In 2006 Teo Jui Chiang encountered Nichiren Buddhism. Although he could not understand fully what this Buddhism was about, the phrase “changing poison into medicine” struck a chord in him and gave him a deep sense of a new life opening up before him. At that point in his life he had a debt of […]


Feature Article

The Other Person’s Point of View

Appreciative inquiry is the action of asking ourselves if we are letting anything dominate our experiences of interacting with others; asking what has shaped our context, our views of others, how we feel, act or react around certain individuals or groups; how we behave and respond differentially to various individuals or groups for any reasons.


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