SSA Hosts Students from OnePeople.sg “Camp Ignite!”

On June 14, the bright voices of eight Future Division (FD) representatives conveyed a warm welcome to 15 secondary school students, accompanied by camp facilitators and a teacher-in-charge, who visited Senja Soka Centre as part of “Camp Ignite!”. This is a youth-led initiative supported by OnePeople.sg that provides a platform, which encourages and fosters friendships […]more

Wisdom for
Daily Living

September 27, 2016

When you spend all your money, it’s gone. Material things break, and they can’t enrich your self in any real, lasting sense. But the more you cultivate your innate individuality, the richer it becomes; the more you use and give expression to it, the richer it becomes. It never diminishes or disappears. Each of you possesses this wonderful treasure inside you. Life is the struggle to make that precious treasure shine.

- SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

20160405-OnePeople.sg Visit HQ KH 001
SSA Hosts Visit by OnePeople.sg

On April 5, 2016, Mr Iqbal Sanjiman, Assistant Director at OnePeople.sg, and his team visited SSA Headquarters. The party was hosted by SSA General Director Tay Eng Kiat. After an introduction to the Headquarters premises, the guests toured the Heritage Room where they were introduced to the origins of Nichiren Buddhism, SSA and its movement […]more

NDP 2016 Kick-Off 001
SSA Kicks Off NDP 2016 Preparations

This year, some 500 Young Women Division (YWD) members will partake in a meaningful performance at the National Day Parade (NDP) 2016 in celebration of the nation’s 51st birthday at the National Stadium in the Sports Hub. It will be SSA’s 31st year participation in NDP. On March 30, the Kick-off meeting for NDP 2016 […]more

SPD Outing
An Outing to S.E.A. Aquarium for SPD Senior Citizens

On March 3, 2016, six volunteers from the Soka Volunteers Group (SVG) accompanied 10 elderly clients from SPD@Toa Payoh for a day-tour to the S.E.A. Aquarium located in Resorts World Sentosa. After a safety introduction to the proper use of the wheelchair, each SVG volunteer paired up with a SPD client to begin the afternoon […]more

Who We Are

17 Jun

Singapore Soka Association is a Buddhist association registered in 1972 that promotes the understanding and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. more


The SGI is a global network of Soka-affliated organisations that span 192 countries and territories around the globe.

2016 Peace Proposal

Universal Respect for Human Dignity: The Great Path to Peace

Every year, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda publishes a peace proposal which explores the interrelation between core Buddhist concepts and the diverse challenges global society faces in the effort to realize peace and human security. In addition, he has also made proposals touching on issues such as education reform, the environment, the United Nations and nuclear abolition. more



Blossoms that Scatter

Cherries in bloom that the air raid spread blue sky above them fallen petals jumbled for a background the gutted ruins of reality and the pitiful people who cannot look up to them bitter are their long wanderings the road of parent and child amid the waves of little shacks, flowers in bloom cherry blossoms […]


A Winning Life

Teo Jui Chiang

Becoming an Indispensable Golden Pillar

In 2006 Teo Jui Chiang encountered Nichiren Buddhism. Although he could not understand fully what this Buddhism was about, the phrase “changing poison into medicine” struck a chord in him and gave him a deep sense of a new life opening up before him. At that point in his life he had a debt of […]


Feature Article

NDP 2015 Formation Flag 4

Singapore Soka Association—Promoting Harmonious Coexistence in the Lion City

  Races, languages religious faith and customs intermingle, for this truly is a crossroads of East and West— A microcosm of the world. A land made mighty with cultural diversity. —SGI President Daisaku Ikeda Singapore is a young nation with a population of just over five million. In 2015, it celebrated the 50th anniversary of […]


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