Challenging Each Day

Challenging Each Day

In 1994, Yeap Lay Huay got to know about Nichiren Buddhism due to her mother’s illness. Her family also started practising due to this challenge. After her mother passed away peacefully in 1995, the siblings were grateful to inherit this faith and continued to actively participate in SSA activities. Lay Huay’s eldest brother also received the Gohonzon in 1995. Lay Huay was SSA’s Young Women Division Chief for six years from 2005 to 2011 and was appointed SSA’s Vice Youth Chief in December 2011.

Lay Huay has been working in a major foreign bank over the past six years (as of January 2013). She leads a team of eight employees, who are stationed across the region in Hong Kong, India and Singapore. Under her charge, her colleagues are very motivated, united and supportive, and have a very good working relationship with her. Every day, Lay Huay challenges the heavy workload with great energy and motivation based on the strong life force and wisdom that she derives from her daily practice of gongyo and daimoku. At the same time, she also participates with joyous faith in various SSA activities, striving tirelessly with absolute dedication. Based on the Gohonzon and SGI President Ikeda’s guidance, Lay Huay strives to create utmost value each and every day.

She treasures every SSA activity she attends as her source of happiness and opportunities to train herself and strengthen her life. Lay Huay resolves to uphold the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple and contribute to kosen-rufu while actualising her own human revolution, in her day-to-day interaction with others, or taking care of the members.

She often encourages herself with the following guidance from President Ikeda: “‘Try’ is a little word but big things – victory and glory – can be found within it. The sight of someone trying, no matter what obstacles one faces, no matter what the circumstances are, is the sight of victory itself.” [Conversations with Youth (1)] 

(SSA Times Issue 454)