Mount Fuji Rising from a Sea of Clouds

Mount Fuji Rising from a Sea of Clouds

Mt Fuji (February 1, 2000)

SGI President Ikeda took this aerial photograph on February 1, 2000, while flying from Tokyo to Okinawa. He was making his first regional guidance trip of the new millennium, and he had chosen Okinawa as his destination. These southern islands had been the only area of Japan to see direct ground fighting during World War II, inflicting terrible suffering and sacrifice on the ordinary civilians living there.

On February 5, President Ikeda attended the Okinawa World Peace Youth Grand Culture Festival at the Okinawa Convention Centre in Ginowan, where he joined young people from throughout the islands in the traditional Okinawan kachashi dance.

At that same gathering, Angeles University of the Philippines conferred an honorary doctorate of humanities on President Ikeda. In his speech, Angeles University President Emmanuel Yap Angeles cited Philippine president Fidel Ramos lauding the SGI leader as “a man of peace and global understanding . . . , a man of action, a friend of the Philippines, and a champion of world peace.”

With a conviction as firm and steadfast as Mount Fuji, President Ikeda believes that humanity must move from an age of war to an age of lasting peace. This has been the driving force behind his tireless efforts to build a global network for peace. Today, that network encompasses 192 countries and territories, where his message is being spread by a growing number of people, especially youth, who are carrying on his vision and commitment.

Youth are a treasure — the treasure of the world, the treasure of humanity.

When youth are raised
to be strong and true,
war will never occur again,
and perpetrators of evil
will be banished from
the face of the earth.

The existence of youth
is the sunlight of great good.
Those who believe in the youth,
treasure the youth,
trust the youth,
and foster the youth,
are truly great people.
They possess
the mission and strength
to champion justice and prevail.
Heavenly deities,
protect the youth,
who will inherit the future!

May none of
the youth of Soka
be defeated!
Win, win without fail,
achieving victory after victory!

Be as indomitable
as Mount Fuji!
Have the dynamic energy
of surging breakers!
And, like a spring breeze,
make the banner of victory
fly gallantly!

May victory shine on the youth,
who have such a profound mission!
May a brilliant future await the youth,
who are so important!
This goal alone
is my purpose;
it has been my life’s
most crucial focus,
and continues to be so.

(Excerpt of SGI President Ikeda’s Poem “To My Noble Young Disciples, My Successors”, January 2005)

Published in Creative Life September 2011