Rainbow Centre Graduation Day

Rainbow Centre Graduation Day

On November 18, 2016, twelve members from the Soka Volunteers Group (SVG) spent a meaningful morning working alongside Rainbow Centre students at their Senior Programme Graduation Day (Prom Day). It was a day of great significance to the graduating students, their parents and the teachers as it marked the day these students officially graduate from the school.

SVG members paired up with non-graduating students and guided them to serve food and drinks to the guests tables and with clearing of the tables after each course. One such volunteer-student pair consist of SVG long-time volunteer Mdm Yip and 15 year-old student Desmond.

“Desmond is so well-mannered and able to interact with all the SVG aunties and uncles so well! He treats everyone equally and truly enjoys what he is doing — his happiness brings joy to others as well”, shares Mdm Yip.

Mdm Yip continues, “I am also so touched by the teachers’ effort for making the graduation day such a memorable one not only for the graduating students, but for their parents and their loved ones as well. I even witnessed a grandmother who shed tears of joy on seeing her granddaughter receiving her graduation certificate on stage.”

Indeed, there is much to learn from the warm efforts of the teachers, compassionate heart of the volunteers and the joyful spirit of students.