SSA’s 25th Participation in Annual Chingay Parade

SSA’s 25th Participation in Annual Chingay Parade

Some 120 youths from the SSA Future and Student Division participated in the Chingay Parade held on February 24 along Orchard Road.

The youths performed in the finale item of the parade, entitled “Celebration of Dreams”. Participants were mostly made up of Soka Kindergarten alumni who are presently students of the secondary and tertiary levels.

Through using gigantic props that resemble the image of “hands”, the finale item was presented together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It carried the message of friendship of working “hand-in-hand with our neighbours”. In addition, it also signifies the “creation of value through one’s efforts”. Various ambassadors dressed to represent different nationalities gathered on the float that completed the entire performance.

This message of friendship was to commemorate ASEAN’s 40th anniversary this year. Training for the performances started three months back where participants gathered almost twice weekly for practices and props-making.

[This year marks the 35th year of Chingay Parade, the “Asia’s grandest street and float parade”. Among the guests who attended the event this year included Singapore President S R Nathan, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, and many other grassroots leaders.]

(SSA Times issue 263)