Telecast of SGI President Ikeda’s Animation Series for Children on Starhub

SGI President Ikeda’s animation series for children will be broadcast on MaxToon Channel (Cable TV Starhub Channel 322) for public viewing.

The 14-episode award-winning animated stories deliver positive messages that will move children and parents alike. Adapted from children’s stories by SGI President Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, they convey the importance of courage, hope, friendship and peace, through vivid adventures of children from around the world.

Broadcast Schedule:

•    Title of programme: 心中的宝藏 – 池田大作童话卡通片

•    First telecast: 6 March 2017, 7.30pm – 8pm, (through to 18 April 2017)

•    Frequency: New episode every Monday & Tuesday, 7.30pm – 8pm

•    Language: Simplified Chinese


About Daisaku Ikeda Children’s Stories

Daisaku Ikeda children’s stories impart hope, courage, friendship and peace through vivid adventures of children around the world and seek to inspire them to believe in themselves and have big dreams.

The stories have also been shown on TV in more than 25 countries including Japan, Iceland, Spain, Panama, Australia, Nepal, Malaysia and the Philippines. They have also been used as educational materials in classrooms in India and the Philippines.

In an interview, Dr. Ikeda explained his motivation for writing stories for young people: “Children’s stories epitomize peace. War, on the other hand, deprives children of their dreams and slams the door on their future.” He adds, “All children possess innate dignity, rich creativity and vitality,” and says “children have the inborn ability to find hope in the most hopeless environment…. They are hope itself.”

About MaxToon

MaxToon HD is Singapore’s first and only Mandarin kids channel in simplified Chinese, with top-rated programmes from China alongside local productions. The channel aims to educate and entertain children with animations, live-action programmes and special events, all with the aim of incorporating Mandarin into the child’s life.

Suitable for children aged 3 – 12 years old, MaxToon HD is available at no extra charge to all StarHub TV customers on Ch 322.

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