SSA Youth Summit 2018

SSA Youth Summit 2018

The SSA Youth Division is preparing for a Youth Summit in on 25 and 26 August 2018 at Our Tampines Hub!

What is the Youth Summit?

SSA Youth Division hopes to put up impressive performances, which will include mass item display, dance and songs at the Youth Summit. With the theme “We Choose Hope”, the Youth Summit has three segments of performances – Hope, Life and Peace.

This is inspired by the three mottoes given to the youth by SGI President Ikeda during the 19th Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting in 2016 – be the pillar of peace for all the world’s peoples; be the eyes of respect for the dignity of life; be the great ship of hope for the triumph of humanity. Through the Youth Summit, SSA Youth Division aims to bring across the message that one can become a transformative force in today’s society by choosing hope, life and peace.

Why hold the Youth Summit? Why should I join?

SGI President Ikeda often encourages youth to challenge themselves to move forward. He says,

“There is hope even amid adversity. Or rather, only when tested by adversity can hope shine with true strength. All too often untested hope is nothing but a fantasy.”

The Youth Summit is a platform to enable youth to discover their potential and grow as a person through interaction with others. This is not just a cultural performance. Preparations towards the Youth Summit are also not just mere trainings. They are part of a hope-filled journey where participants can find the key to triumph over the challenges in life or create a better self through Buddhist faith, practice and study, which will be incorporated in the trainings.

What are the performances?

Group Performance Item
Primary Division Singing with simple vibrant actions
RHQ 1 & 5 Dynamic fan dance infused with fresh determination and indomitable dignity
RHQ 4 & 7 Colour guard flag performance that demonstrates an unflagging spirit to choose hope and peace
RHQ 3 & 8 A human LED screen displaying messages that express the infinite potential and preciousness of life through coordinated actions and colour props
RHQ 2 & 6 Youthful mass dance that celebrates the power of youth

Have you signed up yet?

Come join us on this journey of Choosing Hope; join us in the upcoming weekly Youth Summit trainings.

If you have any questions regarding Youth Summit, please write to