25th Anniversary of Soka Kindergarten

25th Anniversary of Soka Kindergarten

Within each child exists a fine adult. It is important that we speak to that adult.

This will lead to the development of the child’s character…

The endeavour of Soka humanistic education is one where the teacher

and student grow and develop together.

~ School Founder Daisaku Ikeda ~

Learn With Joy

Free To Grow

Happy Children of the Sun

These words from the final lines of the Soka Kindergarten School Song encapsulate the vision and mission of Soka Kindergarten dedicated to value-creating (“Soka”) humanistic education.

Envisioning our children to enjoy learning and growing their boundless potential, the School’s mission aims to provide a safe and conducive environment where we develop joyful and responsible early learners who grow to be of contribution to society. The three-year preschool experience aims to facilitate the child’s holistic development, and inculcate positive social, emotional and cultural values, alongside the child’s acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.

Founder of Soka Kindergarten [that is part of the Soka Schools System] Dr Daisaku Ikeda firmly believes that parents and educators are key to nurturing the “young budding trees” of children. He shared, “Adults should not judge children according to their own arbitrary standards, telling them they can’t do this or that because they are children. When we interact with children, we should always accord them due respect as unique individuals, allowing them to give free rein to their potential.Within each child exists a fine adult. It is important that we speak to that adult. This will lead to the development of the child’s character.”

Soka Kindergarten adopts “Strong, Righteous and Free” as our School Motto. For the children, this translates as values of perseverance, honesty and respect. Together with the children, all teachers and staff strive in their respective areas of responsibilities to acquire and demonstrate these same values.

Values for a Victorious Life

In conjunction with November 18, 2008 – the anniversary marking the starting point of Soka education – School Founder Dr Ikeda presented the Soka kindergartens of Sapporo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil and South Korea with a new motto in the following three maxims. They concisely express the Founder’s wish for the children to possess these values for a life of victory and happiness. 

  • Those who never give up, no matter what, are happy.
  • Always get along well as members of the same family.
  • Those who treasure their parents will become great people.

These maxims have become the cornerstones of the growth and development of students at Soka Kindergarten.

(This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Singapore Soka Kindergarten.)

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