Bringing Forth the Buddhism of the Sun To Shine

Bringing Forth the Buddhism of the Sun To Shine

SSA General Director’s April 2020 Editorial

I hope everyone is staying safe and in good health. While we are all keeping pace with the dynamic Covid-19 situation, I would like to share wonderful news with everyone. Just recently, we received the good news that our Merdeka Generation item in this year’s Chingay has been voted the Most Popular Contingent of Chingay 2020.

My heartiest congratulations! Our youth division did not let Covid-19 dampen their spirits too. Over a few weekends in March, they conducted online meetings, rallying some 1,230 fellow youth members in commemoration of March 16 Kosen-rufu Day. What a hope- filled victory of our youthful successors!

We are also greatly encouraged and deeply appreciative to see members contributing to the Building Fund for our new centre at Punggol despite the tough times.

Indeed, no matter how challenging the times are, our members have used it as an opportunity to strengthen their faith just as Nichiren Daishonin encourages us, “Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life, and continue chanting Nam-myoho-renge- kyo, no matter what happens. How could this be anything other than the boundless joy of the Law? Strengthen your power of faith more than ever.” (WND-1, p. 681)

With the World Health Organisation declaring Covid-19 as a global pandemic and the additional measures taken by our government, we have reviewed our activities to ensure everyone’s well- being and fulfil our social responsibility to minimise any possible chances of infection.

Though we are still unable to resume regular activities in April, we will be introducing online activities for everyone. You will get to participate in an online nationwide study and discussion meetings as interim measures. We must continue to pray for the earliest resolution of Covid-19 and everyone’s well-being.

April also marks the establishment of Nichiren Buddhism on April 28, 1253. The Daishonin faced great persecution as he strove to expound his teaching and stood firm in enabling others to discover the true message of Buddhism — that each person possess limitless potential within their lives, can enjoy absolute happiness and attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. His spirit and vision for the sanctity of life has been the guiding inspiration for our three founding presidents of Soka Gakkai. Truly, as practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, we must be persons who can give others strength, wisdom and optimism.

In his recent essay, SGI President Ikeda shares his thoughts on Covid-19: “The medical profession and society as a whole in Japan and around the world are making great efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). I have deepest gratitude for the countless individuals who are working tirelessly day and night on various fronts in this challenge. I am also chanting wholeheartedly with a fervent prayer for the quickest possible end to this threat and a return to normality and safety.”

Let us continue to pray earnestly in one heart with our mentor President Ikeda and together with our fellow members around the world for the early resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please stay safe and keep in good health.