A Triumphant March, Together We Shakubuku!

A Triumphant March, Together We Shakubuku!

Greetings to all as we welcome the hope-filled month of March!

Recently, I attended the SSA Youth Leaders Training Course in late January to early February with more than 1,340 youth leaders in attendance (please refer to page 7 of SSA Times issue 635 for the SSA news on the Youth Leaders training course). My heartiest congratulations to the youth for starting this year with such a strong momentum. I was deeply encouraged to hear many inspiring episodes of youth who triumphed over various challenges amidst Covid-19, their determination as The New Human Revolution (NHR) Generation to be the driving force for kosen-rufu who can contribute to the peace and happiness of humanity.

Our youth have launched the next courageous “Together We Shakubuku” effort, taking the initiative in inviting “one more person” to the March 16 (3.16) commemorative discussion meetings. Let us join them in enabling one more person to come into the safety net of faith and SSA. As Sensei shared in his latest peace proposal issued on January 26 titled “Value Creation in a Time of Crisis” (please refer to page 24 of SSA Times issue 635 for the SGI news on the 2021 Peace Proposal issued by SGI President Ikeda):

“The crisis facing the world today consists of many complex interlocking threats, making it difficult to identify the interrelations among them as required to fully address the problem. While acknowledging this constraint, I would argue that, even as we work to develop a comprehensive response, we must always prioritise addressing the suffering of each of the many individuals whose lives are directly impacted.”

At the recent 1st Youth Division Leaders Meeting held in Japan, Ikeda Sensei sent a message and shared on the importance of brimming with the great joy of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth and demonstrating the greatness of the Mystic Law:

“Today, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives, many young people the world over are anxious for the future, filled with despair, or gripped by feelings of helplessness and apathy. At such a time, you, our young Bodhisattvas of the Earth, brimming with ‘the greatest of all joys’ (OTT, p. 212), are leading positive, upbeat lives as you seek to deepen your wisdom and take action for the cause of good. You are a source of boundless hope illuminating the future of humanity.”

Nichiren Daishonin, who was born 800 years ago, too, led by example — as he continued to offer words of encouragement to people, seeking to illuminate a society darkened by chaos and confusion with the light of hope.

Looking at the conflict and chaos in the world, it is easy to despair or drown in pessimism. While others may be filled with despair or give up easily, we are endeavouring to make a great difference in this beautiful planet. By dedicating our lives, walking this path of mentor and disciple with the shared goal of spreading peace and happiness i.e. kosen-rufu, we can all make our lives shine with the full brilliance of the immeasurable treasures within us, change any negative karma and transform the place where we live into the treasure land of peace and happiness.

With strong prayers and earnest wish to rid this world of sufferings, let us strive to be the ambassadors of hope and happiness to people around us, opening the way to joy-filled victory for all, and endowing our lives with immeasurable benefits and good fortune.