About SSA

Singapore Soka Association (SSA) is a Buddhist organisation established to promote understanding and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. SSA was officially registered in 1972 with the Registry of Societies. SSA became a registered charity in 1985.

Nichiren Buddhism founded in 13th-century Japan is a School of the Mahayana tradition. Nichiren Buddhist philosophy derived from the Lotus Sutra, the epitome teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha that affirms the universal Buddha nature in all people.

Soka in Chinese means value creation. It describes the core spirit of Buddhism that teaches each individual has capacity to develop his or her full human potential. The life-affirming philosophy of Buddhism empowers one with wisdom and spirituality to live a life of value and be a positive influence in one’s community, society and the world.

SSA is part of an international network of Soka affiliated organisations under the Soka Gakkai global movement that has membership in 192 countries and territories worldwide.

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