Management Committee - Singapore Soka Association
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Management Committee

The Management Committee, headed by an elected Chairman, undertakes the role of governance and oversees all related processes pertaining to the management and decisions on assets, funds and human resource. The Committee ensures that the organisation operates in compliance with the Constitutional Rules, legislation and rules of the authorities.

The Management Committee for the current term 2019/2020 was voted into office at the 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 13, 2019.

Management Committee 2019/2020
Chairman Chan Mei Wah
Vice Chairman Lee Cheng Wee
Vice Chairman Ong Chin Chong
Honorary Secretary Yong Kim San
Asst Honorary Secretary Chua Hai Lee
Honorary Treasurer Chu Meng Hui
Asst Honorary Treasurer Ong Teek Chay
Committee Members Tay Eng Kiat
Sek Soon Heng
Yap Gim Chuan
Loh Seng Kwok
Goh Kim Hua
Lim Poh Lye
Choo Chui Hoon

For more information, you may download and view the following: