The members of SSA are classified along various divisions including the Men Division, Women Division, Young Men Division and  Young Women Division, as well as the student groups Student Division, Future Division and Primary Division. This makes for effective conduct of programme and outreach that meet the needs of people within different groups.

The percentage breakdown of membership profile for recent years has thereabout been maintained at 70% adult and 30% youth, out of which 6% are children aged 12 and below.

Men Division

The Men Division (MD) is considered the “pillar of faith” or the “central figure”, being role models and providing spiritual guidance to the others in very much the same manner as that of the role of a father figure in the family. They are respected for their strength and wisdom derived from their rich life experiences and for the fulfilment of their responsibilities in the family, at work and in society.

Women Division

The Women Division (WD) is regarded as “the sun of the family” as the members make great efforts to fulfil their multiple roles as homemakers, career women and members of society. Through such great personal endeavours, WD members develop their character and personality, bringing joy and inspiring courage to their families and the community.

Young Men Division

The enthusiasm and vigour of youth make the Young Men Division (YMD) the driving force behind the SSA movement. At most times, the YMD is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the success of the organisation’s important events. In this manner, many capable youth have surfaced as they strive to overcome their personal shortcomings in the course of realising their responsibilities.

Young Women Division

The Young Women Division (YWD) comprises female youth members. Their activities are aimed at establishing a sound philosophy of life and inculcating positive moral and social values. In this manner, the division is considered a training ground for building a foundation for their happiness in the future years. The YWD endeavours to foster young women of wisdom and happiness, leading lives of joyful fulfilment based on the Buddhist practice, and by so doing, bring cheer to the people and the environment.


Greetings! We are pleased to share that we have changed our name from Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to Soka Gakkai Singapore (SGS) with effect from 18 November 2021. Our Chinese name 新加坡创价学会 remains unchanged.

Corresponding, our website’s new URL will now be During this transition, there will be an auto redirection to our new website till May 2022.

We look forward to your continued support. Thank you.