Advancing with Gratitude Towards the Soka Gakkai’s Founding

Advancing with Gratitude Towards the Soka Gakkai’s Founding

My heartiest congratulations to the youth division for successfully completing the World Youth General Meeting (WYGM) this September! Through the WYGM, we witnessed countless youthful Bodhisattvas of the Earth emerging from across the six continents. Such a sight is only possible with Ikeda Sensei’s hard work and efforts to spread the Mystic Law throughout the world. Sensei must have been overjoyed to witness this occasion amidst the Covid-19 pandemic where SGI youth from around the world strive to bring joy and hope to their respective communities. What a truly wonderful hope-filled phenomena!

This month we commemorate October 2 – World Peace Day, a significant day in the annals of the Soka Gakkai when our mentor Ikeda Sensei, first stepped foot out of Japan 60 years ago to sow seeds of peace and happiness for humanity at the age of 32. His efforts enabled countless people to transform their lives through Nichiren Buddhism. A passage in the Gosho reads:

At first only Nichiren chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, but then two, three, and a hundred followed, chanting and teaching others. Propagation will unfold this way in the future as well. Does this not signify “emerging from the earth”? At the time when the Law has spread far and wide, the entire Japanese nation will chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, as surely as an arrow aimed at the earth cannot miss the target. (WND-1, p. 40)

This month we also witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony of the new SSA centre in Punggol. It is definitely no coincidence that this centre is being built as we strive towards the 90th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai Founding this November, the 60th anniversary of Asia Kosen-rufu in 2021, and the 100th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai in 2030. Let us continue to chant for the safe and successful completion of our new castle of kosen-rufu in November 2021.

We are also in the midst of our annual Members Contribution and Subscription month.

Sensei writes in The New Human Revolution Volume 4 “Triumph” chapter:

Financial contributions to the Soka Gakkai were not the same as donations to other organisations because it was essential that offerings for kosen-rufu be based on faith. As long as the contributors possessed such sincere and ardent faith, they would not fail to receive immeasurable benefit and be praised by Nichiren Daishonin.

Amid this difficult time, let’s encourage our members, especially the youth division, to partake in the annual event with hearts of gratitude to support kosen-rufu in Singapore. As assured by the Daishonin and Sensei, it will also enable us to further transform all challenges.

In addition, let us continue to read our organ paper Creative Life and SSA Times, and share with others about this practice. Study of Nichiren Buddhism and Ikeda Sensei’s guidance helps us to understand our challenges and enjoy the true benefit of our practice through our individual human revolution.

Towards realising the great vow of kosen-rufu, as fellow practitioners united in purpose “transcending all differences among themselves to become as inseparable as fish and the water in which they swim” (WND-1, p. 217), let us advance cheerfully to adorn the 90th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai’s Founding with a victorious Chapter General Meeting in November. I believe this is the surest way to repay our deep gratitude to our Soka mentors.