The traditional Qing Ming Festival is an occasion where family members gather to offer prayers and pay respects to our deceased loved one(s) as an expression of filial piety to our ancestors.

With the latest developments where the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic on 12 March 2020 and the recent spike in the number of confirmed cases in Singapore, SSA will close the Columbarium from 25 March to 30 April 2020. In addition, there will not be any Special Memorial Gongyo Service conducted at the Hall of Gratitude this year to avoid large congregation of people.

This decision is made with due consideration for the well-being and safety of our members, your family members and volunteers who will be involved. With this as our priority, we would like to appeal for you and your family’s kind support and understanding for this year’s arrangements.

In place of the annual Special Memorial Gongyo Service at An-Le Memorial Hall, we would like to initiate for this year’s memorial prayer to be conducted at our own homes. In remembrance and honor of our deceased loved one(s), all SSA members are encouraged to join in observing the memorial prayer by doing gongyo, followed by chanting of daimoku from 2.00 to 3.00 PM on 4 April 2020 (Saturday).

SGI President Ikeda in his guidance shared, The bonds between parent and child, the ties connecting loved ones, are very profound. Of course the faith of the deceased when they were still alive is most important, but sincere daimoku chanted by their children or surviving family members can lead them to attain Buddhahood. Even after a person passes away, [because our lives are interconnected in both life and death,] our prayers for the deceased to attain Buddhahood will definitely reach them. That’s why it’s so important for family members and loved ones to chant daimoku and continue to exert themselves in their Buddhist faith and practice for those who have passed away.”

Please contact us at 6766 9760 during office hours or email should you require any further clarification.


SSA Ceremony Department

An-Le Memorial Hall






池田SGI会长指导说:“亲子、家族的羁绊强韧,为了成佛,故人生前的信心当然是最重要的因素,但留下的孩子等家属认真唱诵题目,也能将故人导向成佛。即使至亲已去世,(但因为我们的生命是相连的)我们为已故至亲追善回向的题目,祈念其成佛,必定能通达已故至亲的生命。 因此,遗属等回向者强盛地致力于信心很重要。

如欲澄清任何疑问,请在办公时间拨打6766 9760,或电邮至




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