Design For SSA’s New Centre@Punggol Is Out!

Design For SSA’s New Centre@Punggol Is Out!

Presenting the beautiful design for SSA’s New Centre@Punggol!

As what President Ikeda shares in the New Human Revolution ‘Bold Advance’ Chapter, “Gakkai culture centers are not idle palaces of luxury; they are bastions of kosen-rufu. Bastions are a base from which a struggle is carried out. So the most fitting way to mark the new completion of a bastion is with victory in a struggle.”, let us all create brilliant victories towards the completion of the New Building @ Punggol by November 2021!

Contribution for the SSA New Centre@Punggol is now extended beyond March 16, 2020! You can do your donation at the SSA Centres or simply do so online via:

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