Behaviour That Changes One's Life - Singapore Soka Association
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Behaviour That Changes One’s Life

Behaviour That Changes One’s Life

Seah Kok Pin
Works for an IT Company
Men Division Region Leader, joined SSA in 1986

I will never forget the moment I met SGI President Ikeda for the first time while participating in an event as a member of the support staff. In 1995, he took time out from this tight schedule of official events to come and speak with us members. He must have been tired, but he played the piano as soon as he entered the venue and encouraged the members at each table. I knew then that I wanted to become someone like him.

Through chanting daimoku, I found a job a a leading IT company in Singapore. I’m now in charge of the markets in Southeast Asian countries including Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. I believe in the potential of everyone I work with in these countries, and I have no doubt that the positive results I have obtained are due to this belief. I have received two individual awards for outstanding performance and three team awards recognizing my contribution for leading my team into new markets. I feel I have been able to live up to my mentor, Daisaku Ikeda’s, expectations by achieving these victories. I’m continuing to exert myself to report ever more victories while striving to promote kosen-rufu (peace and happiness of the people) in my country.

(Reference from December 2017 issue of SGI Graphic)