SSA Chorus Groups Joined in “Our People, Our Music” Concert

SSA Chorus Groups Joined in “Our People, Our Music” Concert

Launching a month-long celebration of Singapore’s 39th Birthday with a big bang, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) staged “Our People, Our Music” a spectacular orchestral affair that featured more than 40 participating organisations with more than 2,300 musicians performing at the same time.

Held on July 30 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Guest-of-Honour for this one-hour evening concert was the orchestra’s patron, Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. SSA was part of this significant event where a total of 135 members from the Soka Chorus, the Soka Men Division (MD) Choir, and the Soka Junior Choir, performed in the 500-strong choir at the grand finale of this public event.

The full house with an audience of 8,000 found themselves watching what was a typical “red sea” as all the performers wore uniformed red coloured shirts as they performed a medley of familiar Singapore national tunes like “Count on Me Singapore”, “Singapura”, “We are Singapore” etc. The highlight was the harmonious blend of oriental and western musical instruments playing one single tune. Indeed, music speaks to people’s hearts and brings them closer together.

(SSA Times issue 195)

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