Dance Ensemble Singapore Performs in SSA’s August Festival Concert

Dance Ensemble Singapore Performs in SSA’s August Festival Concert

The SSA’s August Festival Concert held on August 13 is a perfect example of the “beautiful fruit” born from the warm friendship that SSA has established with cultural groups in Singapore. Fifty-two dancers of Dance Ensemble Singapore, a professional dance troupe, volunteered their precious talents to be part of the two-hour long concert. The group was led by their founder, Madam Yan Choong Lian. An audience of about 1,300 filled the Ikeda Culture Auditorium and was entertained by a magical night of music and dance.

In the first part of the concert the audience was treated to an array of eight varied and exquisite dances executed to perfection by members of Dance Ensemble Singapore. In the second part SSA youth presented nine items. The finale was a Young Men Division gymnastics item that won the hearts of the audience, especially with the formation of a four layer human tower, achieved through the unity and determination of the youth.

SSA Chairman Ong Bon Chai presented the Golden Lion Award to Madam Yan Choong Lian in recognition of her friendship with SSA in contributing to the pursuit of peace through culture. Certificates of participation were also presented to representatives of Dance Ensemble Singapore.

(SSA Times issue 221)

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