Embarking on Our Eternal Journey with Sensei

Embarking on Our Eternal Journey with Sensei

The glorious month of November is here! My heartiest congratulations to everyone as we commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Soka Gakkai with our mentor and comrades around the world! We are truly grateful to the Soka Gakkai successive presidents’ perseverance and dedication that has enabled the global family of SGI members to transform our lives through our practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

I also extend my deepest appreciation to all SSA members for making special efforts in supporting the annual Members Contribution and Subscription month in October amidst this difficult time. Thank you very much.

With the measures to gradually ease into Phase 3 reopening in Singapore, we held commemorative video screening sessions in October at SSA Headquarters and Senja Soka Centre while observing the guidelines from the relevant agencies. Through this deeply stirring video titled, “Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Ikeda Sensei’s Inauguration as Third President of Soka Gakkai – Taking Leadership for Kosen-rufu”, we witnessed the extraordinary resolve with which Ikeda Sensei assumed presidency and how he strove to fulfil his vow as a Bodhisattva of the Earth over the last six decades. I would like to strongly urge all members not to miss this precious video screening in November and December.

In a recent essay, Sensei shared:

“A vow is something we ourselves make – it is active and autonomous. Our daimoku, infused with a vow, resonating powerfully from the innermost depths of our lives, is the sound that vanquishes fundamental ignorance and reveal our originally inherent enlightened nature. 

“Six decades have passed since I took my first step for worldwide kosen-rufu. The daimoku of our members everywhere infused with a shared vow, widely and powerfully embraces our entire planet.

“And now the time has come for us to embark on a new leg on our journey of mentor and disciple together with the youth of the world, with the flame of our vow for kosen-rufu burning brightly.

“When we take as our own the Buddha’s great vow to enable all living beings to attain enlightenment, the wisdom and power of the life-state of Buddhahood will well forth within us.”

It is now our turn to strive with the shared vow of mentor and disciple for the advancement of kosen-rufu in Singapore. As we renew our vows on this significant November 18, let’s go all out to engage our friends in the “Together We Dialogue” movement and continue to exert ourselves in the Courageous 1-2-3 Actions.

At this juncture where humanity is challenging the pandemic and living in great uncertainty, it is a golden opportunity for us to strive courageously to bring hope and happiness to everyone around us.

Let’s contribute to changing the destiny of humankind by talking to others about Nichiren Buddhism and sharing with them this hope-filled life affirming philosophy.

Let’s rise to the theme of our Chapter General Meeting “Victorious 11.18 – I Am That Lionhearted Disciple!” and continue our victorious momentum, leading towards 2021 with the SGI theme “Year of Hope and Victory”.

Together, let’s do our best on this eternal journey for world peace and happiness with Ikeda Sensei!