Ever Strong, Righteous and Free

Ever Strong, Righteous and Free

Soka Kindergarten Alumni Concert 2006

“I believe Soka Kindergarten (SK) was a base for my character building. molding me to what I am today … I strongly believe that Soka Kindergarten has equipped students like myself with the necessary skills to build on after we graduate from school.

After leaving school I have constantly looked back to the school motto given by our school founder, Mr Daisaku Ikeda, to be ‘Strong, Righteous and Free’. This constantly serves a a reminder of the spirit I need to challenge my future endeavours and the path that I’ve chosen,” shared representative Alvin Lee Guang Ming from the first graduate class of SK at the SK Alumni Concert 2006.

Entitled “Gathering of the Lions – Our Golden Memories”, this first ever SK alumni concert was held on December 9 at the SSA Headquarters Ikeda Culture Auditorium with some 750 SK alumni, their parents, representatives from Soka schools alumni and other invited guests, including representatives of SSA Youth Division. Many of these alumni have graduated more than 10 years ago and are now pursuing tertiary education or working, but they have not forgotten their alma mater. They came back voluntarily to organised the event with staff of SK. This is indeed the fruition of SK’s pioneering efforts and its growth since inception in 1993.

(SSA Times issue 252)

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