Finale Celebration at NTUC Eldercare @Dakota Crescent

Finale Celebration at NTUC Eldercare @Dakota Crescent

27 May 2011 was a memorable day for some 20 senior citizens and 10 members of the Soka Volunteers Group (SVG) coming together for the last time, after more than three months of weekly handicraft sessions. (See earlier report published in SSA Times issue 414, page 5) This last gathering saw the volunteers happily engaged themselves in the singing of sentimental Oldies in English, Mandarin and Cantonese to entertain their elderly friends. Everyone happily participated by clapping and humming along with the tunes.

Everyone was so spirited that even the helpers at the centre also joined in the singing. When it was time to say goodbye, everyone was presented with a lovely handicraft gift and a box of goodies—a heartfelt appreciation handmade by the volunteers. It was indeed a memorable afternoon filled with love, warmth and friendship – values that is so deeply cherished by members of Soka!

[Please see SSA Time 416 for full report]

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