“Friday Rendezvous” — Where Passion and Music Come Together

“Friday Rendezvous” — Where Passion and Music Come Together

“It was the team spirit of those working behind the scene,” said Doris Tan, a representative from People’s Association (PA) when asked to describe what touches her most about the Friday Rendezvous. “Besides, I was also touched by the youthful passion and dynamic interaction between performers and audience during the performances,” she added.

Organised as part of the events in the Family Month of August, the Friday Rendezvous was a concert with a blend of hip-hop dances, live rock bands, rap songs and contemporary pop music. Some 1,000 youth, 200 of which are friends of SSA, packed the Ikeda Culture Auditorium on August 26.

The event was organised and performed by SSA’s Youth Division members and their friends. Despite having only a few weeks of preparation, the performers “brought the house down” with their power-packed performances.

PA also supported the event by presenting an ethnic classical dance entitled “Tales of Chingay” with 17 dancers, their teacher and two staff member. Their performance was fused with rich culture of exquisite ethnic dances and costumes.
Vice General Director Michael Yap who happily witnessed the explosion of youthful passion and music said, “Friday Rendezvous was organised for youth to gather to showcase their creative energy and talents and forge friendship. By getting young people to enjoy and appreciate friendship, music, dance and culture, we can help them to think about more serious matter like peace and how they can contribute to creating a happier and more peaceful world.”

(SSA Times issue 221)

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