Guest Speaker Mr Edwin Ariyadasa Lectures at SGI Anniversary Meeting

Guest Speaker Mr Edwin Ariyadasa Lectures at SGI Anniversary Meeting

Mr Edwin Ariyadasa, a distinguished veteran journalist from Sri Lanka, captivated some 1900 members and friends of SSA with anecdotes, at a special meeting held in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of SGI. His two-day lectures (January 26 and 27) held at the SSA Headquarters were titled “Dr Daisaku Ikeda’s Sanctuary for Youth” and “Dr Daisaku Ikeda’s Global Voice for Peace on Earth”.

At the lecture held on Jan 27, Mr Ariyadasa shared his thoughts on Dr Daisaku Ikeda’s 2004 Peace Proposal entitled, “Inner Transformation: Creating a Global Groundswell for Peace”. He said, “In his Peace Proposal for the year 2004, Dr Daisaku Ikeda laid a marked emphasis on the spirit of self-mastery that would unerringly ensure lasting stability and peace.” Relating the key to self-mastery as cultivating the innate compassion in each human being, Mr Ariyadasa further commented on the significance of the concept of “Global Citizenship” as advocated by Dr Daisaku Ikeda. He said, “Approach towards this ideal in a simple but pragmatic manner has been defined by Dr Daisaku Ikeda in the following terms: ‘Love and compassion for all human beings is the ultimate message of Buddhism. Yet, the compassion that is at the core of a universal love of human kind will remain an empty, unrealized ideal unless we can take that first immediate step — exemplified here by the simple act of loving one’s parents. Dig beneath your feet; there you will find a spring.'”

Spoken in an insightful manner, Mr Ariyadasa’s lectures reaffirmed to the audience, the important mission of the SGI in providing the yearned “sanctuary” for all humankind. At the meeting, SSA General Director Ong Bon Chai presented the Golden Lion Peace Award to Mr Ariyadasa.

[Mr Edwin Ariyadasa currently serves as Consultant (Publicity and Promotion) in the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Management. He is the President of the Film Critics and Writers Association and a member of the Media Forum for Reproductive Health. He is also the President of the Artists Gallery and a member of the Cinema and Television Juries. He is the Course Director of Educational Programmes at the Mahaweli Centre. He lectures in Mass Communications at Colombo University and in the Writership Course ini Sri Jayawardenepura University. He is greatly sought after by the media as a respected commentator on international affairs. He has published well over 17,000 English and Sinhala articles and written a number of Sinhala books. Recently, Mr Ariyadasa was an instrumental figure in assisting with the Tsunami disaster relief work at Sri Lanka.]

(SSA Times issue 207)