Hatching the New Year Cheer with SPD - Singapore Soka Association
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Hatching the New Year Cheer with SPD

Hatching the New Year Cheer with SPD

On January 12, more than 50 members from the Soka Volunteers Group (SVG) joined 30 friends from SPD (formerly known as the Society for the Physically Disabled) to tour the bustling streets of Chinatown, immersing themselves in the festive Lunar New Year atmosphere. In its 7th iteration this year, this annual Lunar New Year Chinatown walkabout is a well-loved activity that many SPD clients look forward to.

The narrow streets overflowing with colourful decorations and seasonal products were a breeze to tour with the help of the SVG volunteers, who supported their SPD friends with great care and sincerity.

After touring the street market, SPD and SVG friends together engaged in an impromptu sing-along, their voices expressing their hopeful aspirations for the new year ahead.

Spending the morning strolling together and enjoying the colourful sights and sounds around them, the SVG members experienced the joy of serving others and forging genuine bonds of friendship.

Before the joyful gathering departed, SSA General Director Tay Eng Kiat presented the SPD clients and staff with a new year goodie bag and offered his best wishes to them.

SGI President Ikeda wrote: “[A] Hawaiian proverb says: ‘Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it.’ Even the smallest flower is a flower. It perfumes the area around it. When you can bring flowers of smiles to bloom through your efforts to be caring friends… you can definitely transform the place where you are into a garden of peace and happiness.”

With this heartwarming start to 2017, the members of SVG look forward to contributing to Singapore flourishing as a garden of peace and happiness through their efforts!