Having a Sincere Attitude toward Others - Singapore Soka Association
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Having a Sincere Attitude toward Others

Having a Sincere Attitude toward Others

Seng Kok Han
Young Men Division District Leader, joined SSA in 1993

When I was a student at medical college, one of my friends told me about the Buddhist concept of “changing poison into medicine.” I was very moved by this Buddhist idea that encourages people to transform crises in life into opportunities. After I joined SSA, I read many of SGI President Ikeda’s books, which helped me realize how big my mission as a doctor is in helping people suffering from diseases.

Human beings suffer from various ailments in life, and some are very hard to deal with. When we fight against these health issues, strengthening patients’ life force is key. Encouragement and hopeful messages often help patients find the energy to begin recuperating. I am convinced that now is the time when we need Buddhist philosophy as a source of hope more than ever before. Every day I receive patients with a deep sense of gratitude to them because I think working for others itself is a precious privilege.

(Reference from November 2014 issue of SGI Graphic)