“Honouring our Pioneers” – Soka Kindergarten embarked on Start Small Dream Big Journey

“Honouring our Pioneers” – Soka Kindergarten embarked on Start Small Dream Big Journey

Under the theme, “Honouring our Pioneers”, 85 K1 children embarked on 2019 ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ (SSDB) Journey, with the early childhood community to celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial.

Soka Kindergarten launched our ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ journey on the 24th of April 2019. The K1 children were squealing with excitement as they opened the boxes and discovered the goodies.

They read through the pamphlets, put on the SSDB trademark orange bucket hats and unfolded the beautifully printed banner.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Through the SSDB video and a skit put up by the teachers, our children learn that if every person just does one thing to make the world a better place today, billions of acts of kindness, social responsibility and generosity would take place.

Getting ready to unbox the SSDB Resource Package
Children learning from their teacher about the SSDB project

Visit to Peacehaven Nursing Home

On 22 May 2019, Soka Kindergarten K1 children spent a meaningful and fruitful day with the elderlies at Peacehaven Nursing Home. They performed dance items and sang songs. The elderlies clapped along and also sang along to the familiar tunes of the Hokkien song – ‘Ti Orh Orh’.

After the performance, the children presented handmade photo frames and also interacted with the elderlies. When it was time for the children and teachers to say goodbye, the children went around to shake hands and give the elderlies a ‘high-five’. It was definitely a meaningful bonding session with them.

Children hand-made photo-frames for the elderly at the Home
85 children of the K1 classes came together to contribute food supplies for the elderly residents at Peacehaven Nursing Home

Learning Points

  • Our children learnt about kindness and respect for the elderly. This is done by simple acts of greeting them with smiles and by showing appreciation and care to them.
  • Through this experience, children had deepened their understanding and love through the interactions between them and the elderlies. They also acquire the spirit of giving.
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