Inspiring Hope and Joy in Others Amid Covid-19 daily!

Inspiring Hope and Joy in Others Amid Covid-19 daily!

Kudos to our unsung heroes and heroines for going out of their way to care for others in this COVID-19 pandemic. Every seemingly simple action counts in these challenging times. Thank you and let’s soldier on with positivity during this circuit breaker period!

It’s difficult to find suitable masks for young children in the current situation, especially finding an option that’s both inexpensive and reusable, and will sustain them even after this circuit breaker ends. That’s why I’ve offered my services to help people with young children. I’ve also came up with free mask tutorials so that more can learn to make these masks themselves on their own. As a Buddhist, I believe by lighting a lantern for others, we are also brightening our own paths.

Lim Chiu Ling Shareen, Women Division Leader

“I am a Registered Psychiatrist Nurse working in Institute of Mental Health. I’m required to take preventive measures during this period of COVID-19 so as to take care of our patients. Donning on surgical mask, taking body temperature twice daily and maintaining hand hygiene are now my normal routine. I’m thankful that my daily practice of chanting has helped me greatly to strengthen my life-force and wisdom in the battle against this pandemic. My favourite quote from SGI President Ikeda during this time is,

When faced with ten trials, you must call forth the strength to conquer twenty. When faced with a hunderd obstacles, you must summon forth the power to overcome two hundred. That is faith; that is the Soka Gakkai spirit.”

Choy Kwok Fu, Men Division Leader

As a healthcare practitioner, I am constantly striving to make a difference in others’ lives, including our staff, patients and their family members. With our humanistic Buddhist practice, I am able to maintain a high life-condition and focus to lead my team with positivity and resilience to overcome this challenging COVID-19 pandemic together.”

Lee Pei Xing Regina Himeko, Women Division Member

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