The Lotus Sutra Exhibition hits milestone achievement of 20,000 visitors in twelve days

The Lotus Sutra Exhibition hits milestone achievement of 20,000 visitors in twelve days

As of 7.51pm on Oct 12,  20,000 visitors, including friends from faith-based organisations, schools, educators, community and the grassroots across diverse multi-religious and multi-racial groups have made their way to The Arts House to view the exhibition on “The Lotus Sutra — A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence”.

Despite the wet weather that welcomed visitors on most days, the exhibition received strong support from enthusiastic visitors, many of whom have been invited by their friends, family members and colleagues who have been inspired by the rich cultural and historical journey of the Lotus Sutra that aims to spread the message of peace and harmonious coexistence.

Visitors shared their impressions after viewing the exhibition:

“I feel a great privilege to be able to view and understand the Lotus Sutra, a guidance to millions for centuries. It is very clear that the main aim of the sutra, in my understanding, is to be a good man. That is useful and beneficial to the family and society. Thank you very much.”

Syed Hassan al-Attas, Imam and Head, Ba’alwie Mosque

“Congratulations to Singapore Soka Association on your 50th anniversary. Thank you for bringing the Lotus Sutra Exhibition to Singapore. The message of peace and harmony and peaceful coexistence is most important. The exhibition has been a wonderful enrichment (based on the) richness (of the) history of the Lotus Sutra. Personally I have been greatly rewarded. All the best!

Ustaz Mohamed Ali Atan, Head, Harmony Centre (on behalf of MUIS & Harmony Centre)

“A very enlightening exhibition which shows the way of peace and love. It is a great effort and hope more people will benefit from the teachings of Buddhism.”

Mr Chung Kwang Tong (Master Weiyi), Taoist Federation Youth Group

“Great works of Art painstakingly put together to promote peace and harmony. Awesome messages from the Lotus Sutra inspiring humanity together with spirituality. An eye opener to see exhibits displaying 500 BC teachings and practices. Kudos to all from SSA and IOP for having put up this memorable exhibition in Singapore.”

Mr Sarjit Singh, Chairman, Radin Mas IRCC

“As a friend of SSA; I learnt empathy and compassion; As a visitor to the Lotus Sutra Exhibition, I learnt more about Buddhism and its other values. Superb exhibition.”

Ms Toh Lay Hoon, Director, People’s Association Youth Movement

Below are snapshots of some visitors to the exhibition.

With 12 more days to go till October 25, come down to the Arts House to visit The Lotus Sutra Exhibition from 10am-9pm daily.

About the Exhibition

The international exhibition  “The Lotus Sutra — A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence” is jointly organized by The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (Japan), Dunhuang Academy (China) and Singapore Soka Association (SSA), and supported by The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and International Academy of Indian Culture.

Curated by The Institute of Oriental Philosophy, this exhibition has travelled the world since its debut in Hong Kong in 2006. Singapore is the 16th host country this year. More information at

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