The Return of the “Pied Piper of Peace!”

The Return of the “Pied Piper of Peace!”

Latin Grammy Award winner and SGI-USA member Nestor Torres was back in town recently for a two-night performance on August 10 and 11 at the Ikeda Culture Auditorium. Nestor, known as the “Pied Piper” to many in the music industry, mesmerised everyone with his music and inspired the audience with his life experience, and faith and perspective of Nichiren Buddhism. The event, Live: Rhapsodies of Jazz was part of the series of Friendship for Peace concerts held in celebration of SSA Family Day. The auditorium was filled to capacity on both nights with a total attendance of about 2,800.

The performance also showcased the unique sounds of Dan Bau, a Vietnamese mono-chord musical instrument. Son of former Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Professor Ostrom Moller, Mr Huy Moller, gave the audience a taste of the wonderful music that could be created by the Dan Bau, and he also played a piece with Nestor titled “Ha Ha” (meaning “mother”), which originated from a poem written by SGI President Ikeda in lauding the greatness of mothers.

The second show on August 11 took on a different atmosphere. The warm voices of the Soka Junior Choir opened the evening with a song “Rainbow Connection”. The highlight of the show came when Mr Huy Moller, renowned local musician Mr Lum Yan Sing who played the Er Hu, Young Men Division member Eugene Ang who played the piano and the “Pied Piper” himself harmonised on a rendition of the song “Beach of Morigasaki”. This is yet another piece of lyrics that President Ikeda composed on the preciousness of friendship.

“I only met Mr Torres two days ago,” says Mr Huy Moller. “Nestor is a wonderful flautist! We did not have much time to rehearse, and so we played with our sense of feeling for the music. A number of pieces that we played together was improvised. But Mr Nestor was there to give advice. I believe Mr Torres’s faith definitely helped very much in making the performance a wonderful success!”

“Singapore is one of my favourite places. I would definitely come back to perform again!” added Mr Huy.

The concerts have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all who sttended, their lives have been touched not only by the beautiful music but also by the strong spirit and the love for life that Nestor possesses that have warmed their hearts.

(SSA Times issue 221)


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