Official Launch of the Soka Volunteer Group

Official Launch of the Soka Volunteer Group

The Soka Volunteer Group (SVG) was officially formed on March 25 with the objective to contribute to the well-being of society and individuals, based on the Buddhist principle of respect for the dignity of life. It operates under the Community Service Programme of SSA to expand involvement in community service work.

About 200 participants attended the first meeting held at the Mentor Auditorium of the Tampines Soka Centre. Community Service Committee Chairman Wong Kam Pun encouraged everyone to be friends with the people they serve or work with, recognising the unique potential of each person and seeking to create greater value and meaning in our lives.

Several members shared their sentiments of wanting to serve the community adding that “This is a good platform for us to put our Buddhist principles into action!”

In her sharing, SSA Vice General Director Sandra Sin commended everyone present for coming forth readily to do volunteer work. She explained that through helping others they are also polishing the own Buddha nature.

(Earlier on March 14, ten members of the SVG had helped in a coin-counting and data entry activity at the Handicap Welfare Association.)

(SSA Times issue 187)