Youth Engagement

The Youth Peace Culture Festival held in January 2001 raised $28,222.31, which was later topped up to $33,000, for the School Pocket Money Fund initiated by the Straits Times in 2000. The funds raised benefited about 1,300 primary students, 900 secondary students and children in special schools receiving assistance from 25 Family Service Centres in Singapore.

At the First Youth for Peace Interfaith Symposium organised by the SSA Youth Division at the Singapore Expo on 16 March 2008, representatives from the different local religious organisations also took the stage to share on youth involvement for peace in the context of the different faiths. The Symposium also saw cultural performances by the organisations in the spirit of linking hearts through arts and culture.

Through similar events, the SSA Youth Division hopes to raise awareness of the importance of promoting peace and harmony among youth and promote mutual encouragement within youths of religious organisations to be more proactive in inter-faith relations and collaborations.

In the past years, members of the SSA Youth Division has formed groups and ventured overseas for Youth Expedition Projects. Through the process, the participants researched on the location they were visiting and identified local and regional needs in order to plan and implement contributions to communities both at home and abroad while learning from the experience.

SSA youths have since organised the subsequent YEP projects.

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