Bag of Hope 2 Community Project

Bag of Hope 2 Community Project

Outreach to Needy Families

On Sunday, August 19, 500 volunteers from SSA gathered in 35 teams of four to six persons and busied themselves with distributing food packs to some 300 families in the vicinity of Lengkok Bahru and Bukit Merah housing estates.

This community outreach project aimed to support 300 senior citizens on the NTUC and CDC list of families whose total income per household is $900 or less and living in one-room HDB flats. Most of them have also lost their ability to work.

Friends, members and leaders of SSA RHQ 3 supported this project by contributing food items at the Bukit Merah Community Centre the day before the event. SSA members were on hand to pack the food for distribution the very next day. A total of 1, 200 bags of food were packed. Each family received four bags of food and two bags of rice in a donated trolley.

The event was held in conjunction with SSA 45th anniversary Family Day celebration.

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