“Peace and Cruelty” Shared by Professor Syed Hussein Alatas at Sixth Daisaku Ikeda Annual Lecture

“Peace and Cruelty” Shared by Professor Syed Hussein Alatas at Sixth Daisaku Ikeda Annual Lecture

The Sixth Daisaku Ikeda Annual Lecture was held on March 24 with distinguished speaker Professor Syed Hussein, Alatas, professor at the Institute of the Malay World and Civilization, National University of Malaysia delivering the lecture. The Chairperson of the lecture was Mr K Kesavapany, Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. A total of some 800 guests and members attended the lecture. Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Dr Yaacob Ibrahim was amongst the distinguished guests present. Other guests included people from the academic, religious and community circle.

SGI President Ikeda gave a message on this significant occasion. He said, “It is my firm belief that through the human revolution of each individual, that is, an inner transformation of our lives, humankind will surely be able to blaze the path of hope to surmount all warfare and miseries. We must take it upon ourselves to make this happen, no matter how daunting the task. This is my personal resolve and conviction. Just as the vast universe holds infinite possibilities, I am convinced that the inherent power of human life waiting to be unleashed is limitless and profound.”

Prof Alatas delivered an engaging speech on the topic “Peace and Cruelty”, where he emphasized the commitment of leaders today to be morally attuned to peace in the sense of a genuine commitment, and not merely excelling in habitual rhetoric.

On this significant occasion, the SSA Friendship Award was presented to both the speaker and chairperson, Professor Alatas and Mr Kesavapany respectively.

[This is the sixth in the series of Daisaku Ikeda Annual Lecture, DIAL in short, instituted in 2000 in honour of Dr Daisaku Ikeda, peace activist, poet, writer, photographer and philosopher who has contributed greatly to humanity by way of his work in these areas. DIAL seeks to provide a platform for distinguished individuals to speak on issues of concern to humanity that pertain to peace, culture and education. It is hoped that these lectures will further promote the sharing and exchange of views and ideas for the betterment of humanity.]

(SSA Times issue 235)