Reflection of Our Spirit: SSA at NDP 2012

Reflection of Our Spirit: SSA at NDP 2012

SSA members staged a ‘fiery’ performance at this year’s National Day Parade on August 9, guided by a theme that was conceived along the Chinese saying, “A single spark can start a prairie fire.”

Indeed the performance by 640 SSA members was an electrifying show with flaming torches that ended with a fiery lion head formation. This recognisable icon symbolises the dynamic spirit of Singaporeans.

Using pyrotechnics on their props for the first time was a challenge for both the choreographer and the participants. For the safety of the performers, the flaming torches were really “cold pyro” which uses a chemical mix that generates little heat and smoke although the effect looks genuine enough. For safety compliance, there was the strict safety briefing that accompanied every training, and a coat of fire-resistant spray on each participant’s costume.

The short performance by SSA leading up to the grand finale definitely fired up the passion of viewers at Marina Bay, as well as those catching the important celebration on TV.

It was a mesmerising and electrifying National Day experience for both viewers and performers alike. Kudos to the 640 SSA members and many other SSA members who supported behind the scene, for a job well done!

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