Renewing Our Resolve for Kosen-rufu With the Lion’s Roar of Daimoku!

Renewing Our Resolve for Kosen-rufu With the Lion’s Roar of Daimoku!

SGI President Ikeda shared in his recent message in December 2019 that the decade that begins from our 90th anniversary, leading on to our 100th anniversary, is going to be a turning point for humanity. It will be a decade of crucial importance that will decide the future of humankind.

Just three months ago, we welcomed this year—the turning of a new decade with fresh hope and vigour. Little did we know that barely a month on in January, news of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) outbreak would sweep us off our feet.

While the main activities of SSA have been temporarily halted, we are greatly encouraged to see our youth division taking the lead in coming up with creative ways to connect with fellow members through technology. They will be holding a series of virtual meetings to mutually encourage one another through faith sharing and to commemorate March 16.

Since the valiant gathering of 1,000 youth representatives in January, our youth are strongly determined not to be defeated by any odds and continue to create victories without slowing down their pace.

President Ikeda once shared in relation to the spirit of March 16, “It is a time when people renew their profound resolution to accomplish kosen-rufu, a time when they put their minds together and make a fresh start.” I would like to think that such spirit of our youth standing up with fresh resolve for kosen-rufu is this exact spirit of March 16.

As we may know, this year is one of multiple profound significance for the Soka Gakkai. From the viewpoint of Buddhism, as we strive to advance at this important juncture of kosen-rufu, encountering obstacles is only to be expected. Nichiren Daishonin states, “As practice progresses and understanding grows, the three obstacles and four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere… One should be neither influenced nor frightened by them. If one falls under their influence, one will be led into the paths of evil. If one is frightened by them, one will be prevented from practising the correct teaching.” (WND-1, p. 501)

Let us stay composed amid the evolving situation and continue to base ourselves on the strategy of the Lotus Sutra, to ensure the victory of 2020 by strengthening our faith, practice and study. With the lion’s roar of daimoku, let us be the lionhearted disciples to make this new decade one filled with hope and courage as we renew our resolve towards the Soka Gakkai’s centennial in 2030!

Tay Eng Kiat

SSA General Director

以师子吼的题目 再立广布决意






池田SGI会长在去年(2019年)12月的口信曾说道:从创价学会创立 90周年朝向100周年的这10年,将会是决定人类未来的重大分水岭。


我们在3个月前,以清新的希望和朝气迎来了崭新10年伊始的今年。 但没想到1月还未结束,2019冠状病毒疾病疫情(Covid-19)来袭,让我 们顿时措手不及。


虽然学会主要的活动暂停,但看到青年部率先以创意的方式,善用科 技去和会员们连接的举措,令我们备受鼓舞。他们将举行一系列网络会 议,给予彼此信心鼓励来纪念3月16日(3·16)。


青年部自1月召开1千名活力青年集会,就强盛地决意绝不让任何困 难打败,不停歇前进的步伐,要继续创造胜利。

池田先生曾就“3·16”的精神给予这样的指导:“3·16是以焕然一新 的决意再次为广宣流布奋斗的日子,也是全体会员本着异体同心的精 神,朝向新的出发前进之日。”我们的青年部为广宣流布而以崭新的决 意奋起这样的精神,正是3·16的精神。


众所周知,今年对创价学会来说,是具有多重意义的一年。从佛法的 观点来看,在我们于广布最重要的时刻奋进时,遇难是必然的。诚如圣 训云:“在行学的两方面都很勤奋时,三障四魔就会争先恐后的纷纷出 现……绝不可以听任摆布、也不可以害怕!听任它摆布,会害人走向 恶途;害怕它,会妨碍修行正法。”(御书1129页,白话)


在冠病疫情仍充满变数当中,我们须冷静应对,继续以题目此法华经 的兵法为根本,加强我们的信行学,以便在2020年取得胜利。通过唱念师子吼的题目,让我们成为持有师子王之心的弟子,使这个新的10年充 满希望与勇气,以崭新的朝气向2030年迈进!