Seeking Spirit Blossoms at Buddhist Examinations

Seeking Spirit Blossoms at Buddhist Examinations

A total of 2,990 SSA members gathered at the Serangoon Junior College on December 19 to take part in the Buddhist Elementary level examinations. On the same day, special arrangements were also made for some 14 Youth Division members to take the same examinations overseas as they were in Philippines and Indonesia for the Youth Expedition Project.

Earnest and joyous discussions filled the air before and after the examinations, and the strong seeking spirit of the participants was clearly evident. Indeed, this spirit echoes President Ikeda’s sentiments when he writes, “The study of Nichiren Buddhism that we undertake was a means of personal empowerment; it serves as a source of strength in our lives, in our daily struggles, and in our efforts for kosen-rufu. It was a process of acquiring an understanding of Buddhist teachings and principles and a great philosophy that we could actually make a part of our lives in order to take on life’s challenges and win in society.”

(SSA Times issue 205)

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