Senior Citizens’ Brilliant 12th Anniversary

Senior Citizens’ Brilliant 12th Anniversary

Cultural delights were the highlight of the senior citizens’s 12th anniversary as some 1070 senior citizens gathered to commemorate their 12th anniversary at the SSA Headquarters on November 14. SSA Vice General Director Oh Kheng Yam was present at the anniversary to share the joy with the senior citizens. Seated amongst the audience were also seven senior citizens from the Lions Home for the Elders, who were accompanied by four of their staff to the event.

The theme of the anniversary, “Youthful Spirit, Joyful Life” was fully portrayed by the vibrant dances of different cultures like the Indian, Hawaiian, Spanish, Western, Japanese and Chinese dances. At the meeting, two senior citizens also shared on how they were able to enjoy life to the fullest based on faith and an active participation in the organization’s activities.


(SSA Times issue 202)

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