SK 20th Graduation Day

SK 20th Graduation Day

SK_GymOn 26 October, Soka Kindergarten held its 20th Graduation Day at the Singapore Soka Association Headquarters for 116 K2 children. Families and friends of the graduating students gathered at the Ikeda Culture Auditorium to enjoy the performances by the children and witness the graduation ceremony. The event started with a gymnastics item, followed by six drama presentations performed by each class of graduating students.

SK_Drama2This year’s theme for the drama items was centred round their project on fairy tales. The children injected a twist in each story to give an unexpected ending resulting in a joyous celebration at the finale of each show. At the ceremony segment, each student received a medal of victory for completing the kindergarten programme.

The school founder, Dr Daisaku Ikeda, sent a congratulatory message telling the children to “grow into strong trees in the future” and “to become someone with a huge and strong heart”. He encouraged them to “promise one another that ‘we will always remain undefeated, and continue to do our best no matter what happens’.”The message was read to them by the Principal, Mrs Jeannie Aw.

At the end of the event, gifts made by the children were presented to their parents, thanking them for supporting their education at Soka Kindergarten.

(SSA Times issue 474)

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