SK 12th Graduation Day

SK 12th Graduation Day

Nurturing Budding Trees

SK05-graduatn3 Family members and friends of the 106 graduates from Soka Kindergarten (SK) watched in awe as the 12th cohort presented a medley of musical drama at their Graduation Day event on October 29 at the Young Phoenix Auditorium (YPA) in school. Like a mini global village, these graduates comprised children from diverse backgrounds, such as Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese.

SK05-graduatn1 The Graduation event was held in two sessions. In his congratulatory message, school founder Dr Daisaku Ikeda shared his expectations with the graduating children. “Singapore is a Lion City. All of you are Children of the Lion. Children of the Lion are strong. They will not be defeated by anything. Children of the Lion are righteous. They are always honest. Children of the Lion are free and cheerful. They are always bright and active.”

IMG_0801 Parent Mrs Rabia Muir said, “One of my neighbours who is an Arabian recommended Sk to us. My older graduated from SK last year. We find the teachers here dedicated and passionate. Even the Principal knows every child by name.”

At the end of the ceremony the children expressed their appreciation to their parents, teachers and SK staff through the valedictory speeches and handmade gifts.

(SSA Times issue 226)

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