Soka Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020 Classes

Soka Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020 Classes

At Soka Kindergarten, we provide a joyful learning experience with a vibrant curriculum, for our children to explore and cultivate their holistic development in the six learning areas of aesthetics and creative expression; discovery of the world; language and literacy; motor skills development; numeracy; and social and emotional development.

Niche Areas

  • Projects
  • Learning Centres
  • Creative computer programme
  • Gymnastics movement
  • Music Appreciation
  • Post office
  • Global friendship exchange


Enrolment for 2020 Classes

Nursery classes are also open for registration for children born between 2 January 2016 and 1 January 2017.

Visit the Soka Kindergarten website for the registration form and more information.


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