Soka Kindergarten

Soka Kindergarten

Founding and Philosophy
The founding of Soka Kindergarten has its significance in the Soka school system established by the school founder Dr Daisaku Ikeda. Dr Ikeda firmly believes in the importance of education in fostering the full potential of humanity in each person. The Soka school system that he founded, spanning kindergarten to university, adopts the value-creating (Soka) education philosophy.

Singapore Soka Association established Soka Kindergarten in January 1993, offering kindergarten year one and two classes at its premises at Pasir Panjang Soka Centre. In 1998, the school relocated to Tampines Soka Centre, and in 2000, nursery programme was introduced.

Over the years, the school has attracted an international population of students. Besides our local Chinese, Malay and Indian students, there were intakes of Japanese, Korean, American and Australian nationalities. To date, 19 cohorts of students numbering 1600 have graduated from the school.

Founded upon the principle of humanistic education, the school’s programme and teacher-student relationship are focused on developing the child’s innate potential to the fullest. The school upholds the belief that each child is unique and has the right to develop at his/her pace; and that each child has the inner-motivated power to learn. The school aims to deliver a programme that can bring forth such natural zest for learning. The school commits its teachers as the best external environment in achieving the above.

Mission and Vision
The mission of Soka Kindergarten is to provide a nurturing environment for the child’s holistic development to prepare him/her on the journey of lifelong learning.

The school’s vision for the children is that they enjoy learning; acquiring moral, physical, cognitive, aesthetic and social skills and values; cultivating healthy and responsible characters who contribute to society.

The education principles are to:
· Cultivate good habits that develop healthy body and mind.
· Foster a considerate child who can interact with everyone.
· Foster the child’s ability to continue courageously to the end for righteousness.
· Nurture fine characters to contribute to future society.
· Develop and foster rich creativity and humanity by cherishing each child’s distinct personality.
The school’s vision is reflected and summed up in its motto “To be Strong, Righteous and Free.”

School Song and Logo
The pen is a symbol of learning and wisdom; while the wings [of the Chinese phoenix] symbolizes the courageous flight of youth towards a glorious future.

The three strokes of the triangle represent the society, the home and the school, working in partnership to support the learning and development of the child.

The triangle also portrays the Chinese character “ren”, depicting the kindergarten’s mission in humanistic education that aims at fostering the humanity in the child.

Colours blue represents “wisdom”, red “passion” and yellow “glory”.


Programme & Activities 
The curriculum of the kindergarten has been developing in tandem with the aims and principles of the Ministry of Education preschool education curriculum framework, as well as developments in the international education arena.

The school adopts the project approach and the Gymnastics Movement programme, both piloted in 2003. At the same time the school adopts the National Geographic and the Rigby Literacy series for its reading programme, and the latest revised version Growing with Mathematics. IT lessons that were introduced in 1998 are aligned with the curriculum. The children’s daily learning experiences are enhanced with Learning Centers and music appreciation classes.

The design of the kindergarten’s programme seeks to provide the children with a range of learning experiences covering aesthetics and creative expression, language and literacy, environmental awareness, motor skills development, numeracy, and self and social awareness.

Soka Kindergarten Post Office 
Every child has an opportunity to experience a job at the post office. Children apply for the jobs, discuss their job requirement with the teachers, attend on-the-job training, and then take on the weekly assignments of sorting out the mails and letters from the children, and delivering them to the classes. Children are encouraged to communicate with each other by letters or picture messages.

Independence Camp 
An annual event that K2 children always look forward to, the one-night, two-day camp at the kindergarten give the children an experience of staying away from the parents, and learning how to look after themselves.

Community Involvement Programme
The school is beyond the building. Children participate in community projects and events and learn to interact meaningfully with organizations and people outside of the school.

Environmental Education
Environmental awareness starts young. Children express how they wish the environment to be protected under the Earth Charter principle of “Respect and Care for the Community of Life.” The kindergarten’s exhibits were displayed at the Annual Clean And Green Week Schools Carnival 2006.

For enquiries, please contact the school at
7 Tampines Street 92,
Singapore 528888
Tel: 67844232