Spreading Joy at SGH Culture Night

Spreading Joy at SGH Culture Night

It was a special evening for some of the patients in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on November 24. Volunteers clad in yellow shirt entered their rooms sharing with them that they could look forward to a feast of cultural performances by SSA Arts and Culture Groups at the SGH Culture Night. These volunteers belong to the Soka Volunteer Group (SVG) and the event was a community engagement activity brought about by SSA in partnership with SGH.

Patients and visitors enjoyed the close to an hour performance of well-loved tunes and songs as well as beautiful dance presented. For the volunteers and the performers, nothing surpassed the smiles on the audience’s faces, the applause from them, and the thought that they had made an ordinary evening of another individual more delightful. Patients eager to catch the performances were assisted on wheelchair to the venue in SGH by the SVG members. More than 70 performers from the Rainbow Chinese Orchestra, Peony Group, Men Division Choir and Women Division Choir were waiting for them when they arrived at the performance area.

This was the second time that Marilyn Lee Kar Yan, one of the SVG members, volunteered for the SGH Culture Night. “I enjoy engaging the patients, making new friends in the process. Seeing them take joy in the performances, made the entire experience fulfilling for me,” said Marilyn.

SGI President Ikeda wrote, “Sincere efforts to brighten our surroundings and the lives of others return to illuminate our own final years with dignity. A genuine happy person is one who has made others happy.” SSA members who have been contributing to the community and sharing Nichiren Buddhism with others, could testify to the truth in these words.

[SSA Times Issue 573]

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