SSA Arts & Culture Groups Spread Rhythm of Joy at SGH

SSA Arts & Culture Groups Spread Rhythm of Joy at SGH

On 25 October, in the spirit of bringing joy to the patients and to enliven their stay in the hospital, five SSA Arts and Culture Groups put up a series of dynamic performance to lift the spirits of the audience. Soka Volunteers Group members also helped to accompany the patients to and from the ward to the outdoor amphitheatre for the performance.

The programme consisted of an orchestra piece by the Soka New Century Orchestra, a medley of classic pieces accompanied with dance by the Young Women Division Fife-and-Drum Corps, melodious singing by the Soka Chorus and Women Division Tulip Choir, and an energetic hip-hop routine by the Soka Youth Dance Crew.

Yong Jing Yuan, a member from the Soka Youth Dance Crew and one of the emcees for the evening shared her impression: “It’s my first time being an emcee and performer. At first I was a little nervous but after seeing the patients, I was encouraged to make this a good session for them!”

Her co-emcee, Bernice Chia, a Fife-and-Drum Corps member who was performing for the first time at the SGH Arts Concert added, “I felt very encouraged to see how happy the patients were, some even watching by the windows despite not being able to leave their wards!”

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