SSA Brings the Golden Jubilee Cheer to the Padang

SSA Brings the Golden Jubilee Cheer to the Padang

Representing SSA at the National Day Parade 2015 were 850 performers from the Women Division, including for the first time, participants above the age of 60, giving Singapore’s pioneers an opportunity to be part of this significant SG50 NDP.

SSA put up a mass display item in the Chapter 4 of the Integrated Show, titled “Unity – Many Cultures, One Nation”, depicting Singapore being united with common ideals and goals of building a home that belongs to all Singaporeans, regardless of race, language or religion.

For their segment, SSA performers form words in Singapore’s four official languages, which the message that in unity (团结), Singaporeans will continue to progress towards victory (வெற்றி) and move onward together (Majulah Singapura).

During their final formation, the SSA performers surprised the crowd by skillfully revealing dazzling red dresses beneath their black and white costumes. The reaction from the audience was of pure delight and amazement. Tremendous applause and great cheer erupted from the audience at the performance that could best be described as “magical”.

The entire NDP Integrated Show culminated in a grand finale with SSA performers making up a large part of the mosaic of the national flag during the singing of the national anthem, during which Singaporeans come together and reaffirm their pledge towards building a brighter future.

Ever since NDP trainings began in March 2015, the SSA performers were supported by their trainers, the Men Division Soka Stallion Group (in logistics), Soka Medical Group, an administrative support group (made up of Women Division chapter and above leaders) and a hospitality group (made up of Women Division members). The SSA team also worked closely with the National Day Parade organisers from the Singapore Armed Forces and the creative team led by veteran Creative Director Dick Lee.

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