SSA Leaders Training Course 2016

SSA Leaders Training Course 2016

In his new year’s message, SGI President Ikeda wrote: “Our SGI movement is dedicated to imparting infinite hope to those weighed down by suffering and to fostering capable individuals who will build a bright future. It is extending a network of peace in the community, society, and the world—a network woven from beautiful human ties and founded on a commitment to the happiness of each individual.”

It is with this determination to become such individuals who bring hope to others that some 3,400 SSA leaders attended the SSA Leaders’ Training Course on January 17. Held at five venues, the training course was an occasion for SSA leaders to renew their commitment to serve their members and contribute as active citizens in society. SSA’s focus and major milestones for the year was also shared.

In their message at the training course, General Director Tay Eng Kiat and Women Division Chief Chan Mei Wah called on the leaders to expand the network of trust and friendship in Singapore as SSA strives towards 2017, the 50th anniversary of Singapore kosen-rufu.

With the successful holding of the training course, the year 2016, “Year of Expansion in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu” was off to a spirited and dynamic start!

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