SSA presents Earth Charter at the National Youth Environment Forum 2008 - Singapore Soka Association
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SSA presents Earth Charter at the National Youth Environment Forum 2008

SSA presents Earth Charter at the National Youth Environment Forum 2008

Dr Kenneth Low, member of the SSA Peace Committee represented SSA to speak on the Earth Charter and its principles at the closing plenary Session at the National Youth Environment Forum 2008. Held on May 10, the Guest of Honor for this event themed “Beyond Awareness”, was Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Environment and Water Resources.

The National Youth Environment Forum seeks to provide a platform for interactive discussions between the youth, experts, activists and NGOs on topics that have been identified by the youth as being critical to the environment. There was much participation from various groups as the full day’s program included caucus discussion and presentations, deliberating into ideas and action plans to promote environmental interests.

SSA representative Dr Kenneth Low shared on the Earth Charter’s four focus on the respect for all life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice and democracy, non-violence and peace.

Some 210 captive audience from schools, NGOs and special interest eco-groups attended the forum.

The Earth Charter is a blue print for a better world created by the people. It came about over a period of 10 years as a result of what has been called the most extensive global consultation process ever associated with an international declaration. It involved conversations, consultations, and grass roots gatherings with thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world. The result is a global document that provides an ethical framework for a just, sustainable and peaceful society in the 21st century.