SSA Representatives Attend Nepal-SGI’s 10th General Meeting

SSA Representatives Attend Nepal-SGI’s 10th General Meeting

From November 5 to 7, four representatives from SSA — SSA Vice General Director Sin Weng Fong, Vice Men Division Chief Tay Hock Chye, Young Men Division Headquarters Chief Tan Wei Lan, and Young Women Division Region Chief Tan Mui Theng — attended the 10th Nepal-SGI General Meeting held at the Nepal-SGI Peace Centre in the capital of Kathmandu, Nepal. They also witnessed the opening of President Ikeda’s “Dialogue with Nature” exhibition, where some 200 people attended the opening, including Royal Nepal Academy Vice Chancellor, Dr Basudev Tripathi and renowned Nepalese photographers.

The “Dialogue with Nature” exhibition featured some 105 nature and scenic photographs taken by SGI President Daisaku. This was the exhibition’s first show in Nepal. The Nepal Television, a national station, introduced the show in a seven-minute programme, where Nepal-SGI Advisor Yoshiko Kawamura shared on Mr Ikeda’s photographs.

On November 6, Nepal-SGI members met at the Nepal-SGI Peace Centre for their 10th General Meeting. Representatives shared experiences of applying their Buddhist practice amidst the realities of daily life. Then Nepal-SGI General Director Sahana Shrestha called on everyone to advance in harmonious unity towards 2005, the 10th anniversary of Mr Ikeda’s visit to the country.

Vice General Director Sin Weng Fong shared, “I could feel the passion and earnestness of the Youth Division members driving the events to their success. The unity of the four-division members coming together to make the General Meeting and photo exhibition a great success, forms a beautiful portrait of harmony and human solidarity.”

(SSA Times issue 202)

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