SSA’s Advisory No. 20

SSA’s Advisory No. 20

SSA’s Advisory No. 20
 26 June 2020


Greetings to everyone! I hope everyone is keeping well amid Phase Two of Singapore’s reopening since June 19.

Thanks to everyone’s united efforts in Singapore, the frontline medical staff, numerous governmental organisations, the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee and all your sincere daimoku, we have seen a steady decline in the number of COVID-19 infected cases in the community daily.

With us moving into Phase Two of Singapore’s Safe Transition, we would like to remind everyone to stay prudent and vigilant as we go about our daily activities. Let us also persevere on in our daimoku – to continue to chant for the early resolution of the situation and for everyone to remain in good health, while observing the Government’s advisories.

In the meantime, we are deeply appreciative for all your kind understanding and patience as we put in place adequate safe management plans for our gradual resumption of activities. (Please refer to Annex A) Do note however that our key faith activities for July will still be conducted via online means and do check with your leaders if you are unsure of any activity.

Ikeda Sensei in his recent encouragement shared,

At this very moment, members around the world are conveying their heartfelt concern to their fellow members and friends, connecting by phone, letter, email, and other forms of communication, to see how they are doing and to encourage them.

Empathizing with the sufferings of others and praying for their safety and well-being; showing care and consideration for those around us; warmly reaching out to others with wisdom and an open heart and sharing their joys—these are the ways to overcome the divisions in our societies, bring people’s hearts together, and build bridges of hope and trust.”

Towards July – the month of Mentor and Disciple, let us forge ahead with our “Courageous 1-2-3 Actions”, engage in our online faith activities, and exert ourselves towards the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Soka Gakkai this November 18. Please take good care of yourselves and convey my best regards to your families.


Tay Eng Kiat
General Director




As we ease into Phase 2 of Singapore’s resumption of activities safely, please note the following adjustments to SSA’s operations:

[1] SSA Headquarters’ Operations

        1. SSA Headquarters will resume operations from early August. All other SSA Centres remain closed.
        2. E-sales & Sales outlet at the SSA Headquarters will commence from early August. All other Sales outlets remain closed.
        3. The service counter at HQ for subscriptions and donation will commence from early August.
        4. Further details will be announced by mid-July.


[2] Columbarium Visiting Hours, Soka Funerals and Wakes

        1. The An-Le Columbarium will open daily from early August. Further details will be announced by mid-July.
        2.  Wakes, funerals rites and the installation of niches will now involve up to 20 persons at any one time (excluding skeletal supporting staff).
        3. Members are still encouraged to support the bereaved family through daimoku chanted at your own homes and/or through sending condolences to the bereaved family via phone calls and text messages.


[3] SSA Wedding Ceremony

        1. SSA Wedding Ceremony will continue to be suspended.


[4] Fortune Baby Ceremony Application

        1. This year’s Fortune Baby Ceremony will be conducted via online means.
        2. Application for 2020’s Fortune Baby Ceremony will open from June 30 – July 30.
        3. Criteria:
            1. Applicable to SSA members only; and
            2. Child born in or after year 2017 will be eligible for the Ceremony.
        4. Procedure:
            1.  The application form can be downloaded from SSA website at from June 30 onwards;
            2. Interested parents may submit your application form by email to our staff, Mdm Ong Siew Cheng at with an attached copy of your child’s birth certificate for verification.
            3. Closing date for the submission of application is 30 July 2020.
            4. A letter of acknowledgement and online donation form will be sent to the confirmed applicants by email. In the acknowledgement letter, applicants will be notified of the specific time allocated and further details for the online Ceremony.
            5. For any further queries, please contact our staff at 6551 8900.
            6. Ceremony
              Date: 9 August 2020
              Time: Between 10am to 3pm
              Venue: Individual Homes (Online)
              Duration: 30 minutes
              Attire: Dressed to be prepared for photo taking.





Greetings! We are pleased to share that we have changed our name from Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to Soka Gakkai Singapore (SGS) with effect from 18 November 2021. Our Chinese name 新加坡创价学会 remains unchanged.

Corresponding, our website’s new URL will now be During this transition, there will be an auto redirection to our new website till May 2022.

We look forward to your continued support. Thank you.